Thursday, December 18, 2014


When my father died in 1960 my sister Barbara inherited his large stamp collection that included a box of Christmas stamps dating back to the early 20th century. About 15 years ago Barbara sorted through the box and found that there were many duplicates. She decided to make use of them and very creatively designed the plate that you see here.

Barbara started with a clear glass plate, glued the stamps to the bottom of the plate and then covered it all with red felt. It was her Christmas gift to me that year.
I did some research about Christmas seals and found that it actually started in Denmark but became a national program here in 1908. The seals were sold at post offices for a penny each and the proceeds went to the Red Cross and the Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis. The Red Cross withdrew from the arrangement in 1920 and from then on it was conducted exclusively for TB. President Roosevelt, who suffered from Polio, endorsed the campaign in 1936 and it took off from there.
Today, since TB has become curable, the Christmas seals benefit the American Lung Association and other lung related issues


Blogger KGMom said...

I miss Christmas seals. I assume they aren't around anymore.
And what a great way to use the duplicates--a plate decoupage.

8:09 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I remember these, but I don't think we do them here anymore.

4:40 AM  
Blogger possum said...

Haven't seen any for years!

What a neat thing to have since they had been your father's.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

I miss them also. They use to come in the mail with an envelope for our donation.

2:12 PM  
Blogger Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Ginnie, Lucky you. You got a very precious Christmas gift. Very interesting back up story.

Best wishes

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the plate. I don't think that we ever had anything like this in the UK.

7:05 AM  
Blogger NCmountainwoman said...

I remember Easter seals as well. Great way to display the collection.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of those old TB stamps in years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Syd said...

That is a great stamp plate. I have one from my grandparents. Unique. Hope that you have a great Christmas, dear Ginnie.

3:27 PM  

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