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“Live and Lively Radio” in the late 1950’s. I was there…wasn’t I ?

In 1957 I started working for the American Broadcasting Network in NY City. I wrote promotional material urging clients to buy airtime on our live radio shows. TV was just coming into it’s own and we were pulling out all the stops to keep radio alive. Our campaign was called “Live and Lively Radio” and we had an array of celebrities (such as Jim Reeves, Merv Griffin, Jim Backus, Herb Oscar Anderson) performing live shows weekly.

A few years back I wrote a blog entry about this and decided to do a fact research first rather than relying on my memories alone. I was surprised to find that none of the bio’s of the celebrities that I remembered listed them as being on ABN radio at that time. It was terribly frustrating. I knew I was part of that era … I’d lived it but I could find no proof that it actually existed. Was I there or did I just dream it ???

No wonder I was thrilled last week when I received an email from the son of Scott Vincent…(staff announcer for ABC radio and TV from the mid 50’s. until his death in 1979)… trying to verify his Dad’s early days in radio and specifically his involvement with the “Merv Griffin Show” … one of the ones I’d promoted.

Through multiple emails with him I’ve learned that my memory is not that accurate when it comes to specific addresses. However, the performers that I wrote about are etched in my memory correctly and I was also able to recall one specific promotional gala where most of them were present. Even the crew from the Chicago based “Breakfast Club with Don Mcneill” were there. Our give-away promo item at that event was a record album featuring songs and performances from our live radio shows.

When I reported this to my new friend he went to work and actually found a description and photo of the album You see it pictured here and it’s entitled “The Live One is American Broadcasting Network”. Unfortunately it was a “sold” item on eBay so we are still searching. We feel sure that if we find a copy of the album the write up on the back cover will answer a lot of our questions…

…and now I can say, in all honesty, I WAS THERE
A pregnant me in 1959


Blogger troutbirder said...

Now into my 7th decade I'm finding the memory question equally amazing and sometimes frustrating as well.
One of the 47 percent also...

4:52 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

I can only imagine what an exciting time that was for you Ginnie. And I'm sure if you keep poking around the internet, you will find more answers!
Love Di ♥

5:51 AM  
Blogger NCmountainwoman said...

Fascinating! What a great time that must have been.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous said...

So funny isn't it how time robs us of memory. I too use other sources to corroborate what I remember. David and I often remember different things and can piece something together.

Mom loved Merv Griffith and she did listen to the radio for a long time. My parents didn't get a TV until the 1960 election. I remember watching my first convention when JFK won the nomination. Mom isn't here to back up my story, but she was there when I met JFK. Dianne

PS I wrote a post a day or two ago about my grandfather's house and one of my cousins (Susie)left a comment. She told me things I had forgotton. So glad I didn't get anything wrong.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ginnie, even with some memory failures, your posts are always interesting and informative. I hopemyounfind more information on this topic. I can remember listening to radio all the time growing and we still,listen today, onlynitbhas changed so much....and not for the better.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

You were ahead of the game. I think we got our first TV in 1957 and were able to access one station.

2:50 AM  
Blogger Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Ginnie,

Greetings and good wishes. I was thrilled to see you in my blog. It is not that I stopped blogging but I am going a bit slow since I got involved in FB.

Very interesting information. Times have changed.Recently I went to a place where I stayed as a young boy. Except one lamp post, all other things which were there are not to be seen. I was totally surprised.

You look very smart in the photo. I enjoyed reading your write up.

Wish you and your family all the best,

9:16 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

Really cool, Ginnie. You have had a fantastic life. And I think it is great to remember so many people from the past.

2:42 PM  
Blogger ellen said...

Ginnie, excuse my French, but you are one Hell of a Woman.
My goodness, I am constantly amazed and thrilled to read your posts.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Hughes ap Williams said...

An in-law always remembered his parents from NJ - Harry and Betty Reichert - being on the radio. His father played the violin but we don't know exactly what kind of show it would have been...I can't find anything.

So much is lost.

8:12 AM  

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