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Since January I’ve tried so hard to keep an open mind and to be bi-partisan, as President Obama has hoped that we could be. This has not been easy and I’ve often wondered how he can keep calm and on track as racial and political garbage is hurled his way. He is a better person than I am !

I know that there are always two sides to a story but I’ve finally had my fill. It is one thing to debate his concepts of Healthcare or Climate Control. It is an entirely different matter when he is maligned for wanting to talk to our students and to encourage them to remain in school.

The other two Presidents who gave a pep talk to our students were both Republicans (Reagan and the first Bush). Where was all the uproar then? Just what are these right wing radicals fearful of?

Could it possibly be that the color of our President’s skin is not to their liking? Heaven forbid that a black person should lead the way ! Are they so narrow minded that they don’t understand that our world is shrinking? The days of the “Wasp” (White, anglosaxon, Protestant) rule are over and we’d better get with the program or we will be left behind, as individuals and as a country.

The election of President Obama, especially by such a large majority, was the first time that I’ve felt hopeful for years. I honestly believe that he has our best interests at heart and it grieves me that the small minds of powerful men and women can curtail so many of his efforts.

Lastly I have to say that I am disgusted with the Republican party that does not distance itself from these radical right wingers. They really have become the party of “NO”. Is there no-one among them brave enough to actually take the bi-partisan road? From day one of this new administration the House and Senate Republicans have been more concerned with their egos and the next election than they have of our needs. It seems to me that they are digging their own graves. I feel sure that the populace would be more likely to back them up in the future if they would show some guts now !

The last straw for me has been the uproar of the right wing of the Republican party over President Obama’s resolve to speak to our children. The administration has actually published the content of his speech in order to quell their objections but I doubt if they can see past their hatred in order to read it.

I just pray that the large majority of our schools come to the fore and air his speech in it’s entirety this coming Tuesday.


Blogger Diana said...

Hi Ginnie!
I think that it is wonderfully inspirational that the president wants to speak to our nations youth. However being a parent and a United States citizen, I do feel that it is my right to know what the content of a speech is that will be given to my child.
And while I am sure that President Obama's speech would be nothing less then an inspiration for our youth, I still would like to have the final say as to weather I felt it appropriate for my child. I wouldn't care who or what color the president was.
I also have the final say as to certain songs and television shows that she watches. For me it's just a matter of being a concerned parent.
Still, I like the thought of our President speaking to our children. They are our future after all. Love Di

4:23 PM  
Blogger lucylocket said...

I don't understand how this could happen, and it frightens me. Nothing good can come from the hate from the seemingly growing faction. How could this happen in the USA? I thought we were better than this.

4:41 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

AMEN, Ginnie!! I just read another good post about it too; one that I wish everyone who doesn't want Obama to speak could read.

Mr. kenju asked me about you and Bud today - wondering when we were going to see you again. I hope you'll come to Raleigh or close to the area soon.

4:54 PM  
Blogger KGMom said...

Ginnie--agree agree agree. This issue has just floored me.
I posted on Facebook my thought--are the "crazies" who object to President Obama addressing school children on the merits of getting an education the same people who condoned all the illegal activities President Bush engaged in, here and in Iraq & Afghanistan?

5:31 PM  
Blogger Syd said...

I hear you Ginnie and am concerned about how vicious the rumors are. I think that the President is a very good man. I also don't understand why the President would be questioned at all for addressing school children. He is the President of the US for goodness sake. He wants to tell children to stay in school and get an education. What a great message. Anyway, I am dismayed at how people are reacting over what the President wants to do.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

The children ARE our future..and I agree, if someone as powerful and down to earth as President Obama comes to speak to the "future" then it has got to be positive!
We had The Vice Prime Minister come to our school last year and she had a marvellous influence on the kids. We were all so did not matter the party she was with, it was her down to Earth words she used to speak to our future!

1:10 AM  
Blogger Mattjd said...

I think we know more about what President Obama will say than we know what the teachers are saying to our children every day. That seems to be a poorly masked attempt to censor your child from some free-floating anxiety that the Right is pushing. Nice try but your idealogy is showing.
Ginnie - right on girl! I love your patience and restraint. The Right finally admitted that all the questions and issues with Healthcare reform was nothing but attempts to block anything from happening, i.e.: Chuck Grassley from my home state of Iowa. Chuck is not the sharpest pencil in the box so he tells it like it is finally.
Healthcare reform is an issue that needs to be addressed prior to Obama turning his attention and focus to the 2012 election.
The issue behind it all is capitalism. The Right believe that everyone has the right to make money, mostly large corporations and the left would like things to be fair and for people to be taken care of properly. I find myself in the Left camp on many issues. Sure, it is a capitalistic society, I get that, but the way the insurance companies have been running things (first response to all claims is denial until you prove they owe it) doesn't fly for me. Let make the playing fair for everyone. The companies had a chance to do that and since they didn't, our government must. Not the best method but one that holds them accountable to fair and proper conduct of a company in this society.
Ginnie, thanks for the topic.

5:20 AM  
Blogger Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Definitely time to spit! (a la, I'm so made I could spit.) It is time for Obama to give up on compromise and bipartisanship. It takes two for this and it is obvious the other side wants nothing other than to frustrate all aspects of the Obama Administration.

3:45 AM  
Blogger Ginnie said...

I understand what you are saying, Diana, but I think that Mattjd hit it squarely on the head. It is much more frightening to me when our teachers let their prejudices show. I have been shocked at some of the things that my 7 yr old grandaughter had carried back from school...when questioned it always came from the teachers!

6:07 AM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I just heard/read about this the other day and could scarcely believe it. Why is the Right always so blatantly Wrong? I guess wrong isn't the right word, but what a bunch of mean-spirited paranoiacs.

6:48 AM  
Blogger possum said...

Oh, Ginnie! A voice of sanity, how nice!
Obama's speech is on line if any one wants to read it. I thought it was great. I hope the kids listen.

Kids were exposed to all the lies about Iraq, WMD, uranium, tubes, the outting of Plame, denials of torture and phony terror reports for 8 years... and a president who asked, "Is our children learning?"

I have a cousin who still demands to know how someone of Obama's color and background could possibly get into Harvard. He does not understand what BRAINS are, so, no point in telling him for the 50th time, is there? And he believes all the fear and hate mongering that comes down the pike because there is something mean inside him that wants to believe it. It is hard for some people to accept that there really are good people out there and they maybe don't look like "us" or have names like "us" or go to the same church - or any church at all... It is just sad. All we can do is pray for them.

12:04 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

I get upset too. I think he's a marxist and I don't like being called a racist for not liking his politics. I too thought the school flap was silly, but he did change it.

2:59 PM  

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