Friday, November 30, 2018


Last night my son treated me to the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and I loved it. As most of you probably know it is the intriguing true story of the musical group Queen and their love/hate relationship with Freddie Mercury, their lead singer and one of the most beloved entertainers to ever go on stage. Unexpectedly Eddie decides to go solo and it leaves the remaining members angry while it takes him to dark places that will eventually be his downfall.
Freddie decides to leave that all behind and manages to reunite with his band mates just in time for the 1985 Live Aid worldwide rock concert that has been organized to raise money for the relief of famine-stricken Africans. Freddie has just found that he has AIDS but is still able to lead the band in the greatest performances of his life.
The movie ends with their performance at the Wembley Stadium in London and you can tell by the picture how much they enjoyed it.
This was a global concert linked by Satellite to more than a billion viewers in 110 nations and it raised more than $125 million in famine relief for Africa. If you look closely at the audience you will see it is filled with people of all shapes, colors and ethnicities… just a huge amount of people from all over the globe being lovingly brought together with the magic of music.                     

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Sunday, November 25, 2018

1987 … Chi Chi

Does anyone recognize this guy? It’s Chi Chi Rodriguez, the professional golfer and first Puerto Rican to be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. My husband Dick was an avid admirer and often mimicked him.

I haven't thought of him for years but there's a TV commercial that I've seen recently that shows all sorts of people doing crazy dances and exercises. In it there's a very quick shot of Chi Chi performing his famous toreador dance where he'd make believe that his putter was a sword and would attack his golf ball (the bull”) while performing a lot of crazy dance moves.

In 1987 he was in Pinehurst, NC playing in a Senior’s Tournament. This is also the locale of the hospital where I was working, (in the ER), and we were all excited when he came in wanting to be examined by the docs for stomach pains.
Word spread quickly and it soon seemed like every doc in the house found a reason to “treat” this famous one-of-a-kind golfer. He received an inordinate amount of attention from them but to be fair you could tell that Chi Chi was thoroughly enjoying it too.
This was also the day that my husband came in. He was having some breathing problems and decided to see if he could get some relief. The nurse that treated him told me that when Dick asked why there were so many doctors there he just chuckled and pointing to himself he said. “What do you know? Two great golfers in one day!” 
A cute comment but it didn't lure the ER doc away from Chi Chi. The nurse got her orders however so they did treat him and, as his breathing got easier, he had the fun of seeing up close and in person how Chi Chi could captivate an audience. 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Superstitious ??? Not me …

For many years I'd thought that superstitions were just a bunch of hooey … but I changed my mind 28 years ag0 and ever since then I've refused to travel or make plans for the 22nd day of any month.  It's especially hard this year since Thanksgiving is on the 22nd and I will be going to my son's … but, luckily it's nearby.

Somewhere around the 70's I became aware that many bad things seemed to happen on the 22nd . I remembered a young friend who was in a fatal car wreck on May 22, 1956. Then in May also, but in the year 1960, my father died. That was very sad for me because I adored my Dad but it didn't have the traumatic affect that the killing of President John F. Kennedy had … on me and the nation .. and, as we all recall, that was on November 22nd, 1963.

Then, as the years passed, I was thankful that my “22nd of the month disasters” didn't include deaths but it did seem that so many fender benders, lost wallets, a broken hip and every other form of discomfort or woe inevitably occurred on the 22nd. It wasn't until September of 1990 however that I finally decided to take my superstition seriously. My husband finally died after a long illness and yes it was on the morning of the 22nd.

I guess what it boils down to is that no matter how much I'd like to be above the fray I have to admit that,  when it comes to the 22nd I'll stay close to home … and, if I go out, I will use precautions . It seems to be working too because a few days ago a “black cat crossed my path” just before I “walked under a ladder” but I wasn’t worried. I‘d “crossed my fingers” AND “knocked on wood” before I left the house.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Foul fowl …

Where I live, in North Carolina, this is a common sight and it never fails to turn my stomach ! In case you can’t make it out (I was in slow traffic when I snapped this and it’s not too clear) it is a full truck-load of filthy dirty cages that are packed to the gills with live chickens.

Chickens are transported to the slaughterhouse in crates stacked on the back of trucks, like this one, and they aren’t protected at all from weather conditions. You can actually see them gasping for air in the oppressive summer heat. Just the smell alone, as you pass one of these huge trucks in traffic, is enough to make me gag. Many of the chickens die before they reach their destination and perhaps that is a blessing.

As I understand it, when the truck arrives at the slaughterhouse the crates are picked up by a crane and the chickens are dumped on to a conveyor belt. Then they are “stunned” and hung up before being processed.  If it weren’t for free-range chickens I would never eat poultry again. Just compare this picture with the first one …

Look how happy they are ! Although these chickens are destined to grace our tables at least they are content beforehand and allowed to run free.   Bon appetit …

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Where should I go next ???

My blogger friend Jan sends me interesting things that she comes across while surfing the web.  This entry is my spin on one of those.  I put it in the form of a letter to my children and a few good friends and thought you might enjoy it too …  especially their clever answers. 

Hi all:  I'm reminiscing about my travels and where I might go next year. Your input and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I thought I'd like to go to Cahoots but would need a fellow traveler.  You have to be in Cahoots with someone to be allowed in.  I've already been in Sane and might consider going back but it's hard to get to … no air travel, you have to be driven there.  Also my time in Doubt was OK but I found it to be kind of an "iffy" place.  Lastly I know I've been in Continent but I guess it's an age thing because, for the life of me, I can't remember what country it is in.  However I do remember the climate as being very wet and uncomfortable the whole time I was there.

I haven't made much progress. Any suggestions. ? 
Hugs to all … 🤗  Mom/Ginnie

Here are the answers I received...
* I'll happily join you in any type of Cahoots.
* I hear Mayhem has good off season hotel rates but don't want to risk it.
* I frequently stay in Coherent but seem to have trouble with the language.
* I  would love to participate but am in Conspicuous.
* 🤣😂🤣😂😍😂🤣😂
* I left my war-torn country to live in Tolerant, but I was turned away at the border.
* If the election on Tuesday wasn't a "blue wave" I was going to live in Cognito.
* I met multitudes of men in Corrigible.
* Well, I would love to meet you in Cahoots but I'm in Attentive right now and can't focus on going anywhere else at present.


So there you have it.  I look forward to your comments !

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Hurray for the women

Well,  the mid-term voting results are in and I wouldn't call it a "Blue wave" but it does give all of us a  HUGE PLUS.   We now have a majority in the House who will be unafraid to use the power of  CHECKS & BALANCES and you can bet they will do so... after all it is a fundamental principle of our government, guaranteed by the Constitution.

As for me … you will be happy to hear that I am done with posting about politics and in a few days I should be back to my usual … simple vignettes of anything that I think will be of interest to you.   Please stay tuned …