Saturday, October 02, 2021

ER Memories (#5 ... and the last)

I've had fun relating some of the crazy things that I remember from the 32 years that I spent in the ER of our local hospital, but it seems only fitting that I end this series with a tribute to one of the ER Docs that I worked with for over 15 years.

My fondest memory of “Moose” (as he is lovingly referred to) was on a September day in 1990. My husband of 32 years had passed away on the 22nd and this was my first day back at work. I was working beside Dr. M. that day and, other than a quick hug in the morning, there was no indication that he was aware of my sadness. It was the usual hectic day and I found comfort in the hustle and bustle of things that I was used to doing.

That was one of the longest days of my life. I found that if I concentrated on each task as it came up that I could get through without crying; but, it was very taxing and I was exhausted when my shift finally ended.

It was a very strange feeling to approach my empty house. It had so recently been filled with family and friends who had helped me cope with the loss of Dick. Now they were all gone & I was on my own. The tears were streaming down my face as I unlocked the door and entered.
Once inside the house I was overcome with emotion. Giving in to my exhaustion I headed for the bedroom and that’s when I noticed that the light was blinking on my answering machine. I was so tired I almost didn’t listen to it but I did ... and here’s what it said:

Hi, Ginnie, this is Moose. I knew you’d be walking into an empty house and just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. We love you and are here for you. See you in the morning.”

I have never forgotten how much that simple message meant to me. I’ve kept it close to my heart and I bring it out on occasion, even now at the age of 88, when the healing process falters. Thanks, Moose.



Blogger Bonnie Jacobs said...

And now you have made friends on the internet with people like me. I don't always comment, but I love to read your blog posts EVERY time you post. If you look at my blog, you know I have "Blogs I read" on the right sidebar, and YOU are there. I never miss reading what you write. Thank you for being a friend. It's a long way from North Carolina to St. Louis, where I live now, but we're only a click apart. If you ever need to talk, I'll even share my phone number with you. My email is:
emerging DOT paradigm AT yahoo DOT com

1:40 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

OMG! How sweet. What will your next memory project be?

5:01 PM  
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

What an amazing guy and what a perfect message. It was so the right thing to do.

4:18 AM  
Blogger Regina M. said...

A sensitive male! And he didn't "shuffle" the call off to someone else...he did it himself. How fortunate you worked for such a wonderful person! Bet when you think of it, you feel soft and fuzzy to have had that message...always a special memory. Hugs.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Joared said...

What a touching thoughtful gesture! Often it's the days after loss of a loved one when the sometimes overwhelming attention immediately after that person’s death means the most. Always the day comes when we are truly alone.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Linda P. said...

What a touching thing to have done.

2:59 PM  

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