Wednesday, February 24, 2021

BIG news from a SMALL country

This is Bhutan … a small and isolated Himalayan country. In 1979 it's teenage King famously said, “we do not believe in Gross National Product. Gross National Happiness is more important”… a philosophy that remains to this day and could be why Bhutan is often said to be the world's “last Shangri-la”.

A picturesque country to be sure, but why is it, all of a sudden, BIG NEWS?

According to the latest statistics BHUTAN IS LEADING THE WORLD IN THE FIGHT AGAINST COVID 19 ! They have had a total of 866 covid patients since the pandemic started and, as of today, 4 are still hospitalized and only ONE has died.

I find it ironic that their first Covid case was a 76 year old male tourist from the United States. He was very sick and besides hospitalizing and caring for him the government immediately closed their borders. They also traced the man's contacts in the country and those deemed high risk were quarantined for 14 days. Then they issued clear and concise daily requirements that they continue to this day. They barred tourists (despite the fact that tourism is Bhutan's main income), closed schools and public institutions, shut gyms and movie theaters and relentlessly called for face masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing.

Thankfully the American did recover. Had he been here in the U.S. (under Trumps' watch at that time) he could easily have ended up being part of the 500,000+ that we've lost. 


Blogger Marie Smith said...

It is so good to hear positive examples of how to handle a pandemic.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

I don't know how far we could have gone over here the way we're structured, but we sure could have gone farther.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

Love the idea of gross national happiness and they really did a job on covid. Just think if we had done half of that.
New Zealand is another good example.

8:28 AM  
Blogger troutbirder said...

Most interesting little country. It's been a while since I blogged and of course I missed you especially but I'm sure I'm only one of millions trapped in place by pandemic and even almost bored to death. My essential tremors have ended my piano playing and even drinking a cup of coffee without spilling is an issue so I'm finally going to Mayo Clinic later next month to see if they have any magic tricks to reduce the shaking. I have to type now by the old-fashioned hunt and peck method which takes for ever. I also visited my primary care Dr. and asked him if the 79 could die of boredom. He thought it unlikely but recommended I get back out in the world and find myself a girlfriend. I asked him if he knew there was pandemic going from finally getting my first Covid vaccine shot next Tuesday not from Mayo where I'm signed up but from our public health department Fillmore County. Actually I'm friends with the public health nurse which may have helped :-) I hope to return to some of my past adventures modified for it age and infirmities which means I'll be driving out to Montana not fly fishing in grizzly bear country but bringing a new camera and hunting wildlife with that probably next fall when the kids are gone back to school and I can even camp in Yellowstone Park. Hoping you are well and safe and knowing you have family I'm sure you will be and are be careful friend and I will keep in touch as I intend to do something more now than just fill out coloring books for adults :-) Ray

5:49 AM  

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