Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A majority of senators say Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional …

The 56-to-44 vote paved the way for the House Democrats trying the case to formally open their arguments at noon today. Sadly I think the despicable, 44 Republicans who voted otherwise are sure to make this an almost impossible task

Here are the original Republicans who joined Democrats to vote in support of the constitutional merit of an Impeachment against Donald J Trump. They are Sens. Mitt Romney (UT),Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Ben Sasse (NE),Pat Toomey (PA) and the one lone Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) who was persuaded by the facts he heard yesterday.

Given this dynamic, and Tuesday’s vote, the Senate is expected to fall far short of the 67-member threshold needed to convict Trump of impeachment since 17 Republicans would have to join Democrats to do so.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE LILY-LIVERED REPUBLICANS? They are certainly not looking out for our country as they have sworn to do. Are they so afraid of not being re-elected that nothing else matters? The “real” Republicans must be incredibly sad because the way this is going they will be without a party soon and, to be honest, I could care less. They've had their chance and to choose to stay Trumpian says it all.


Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

I really think they know he deserves conviction but are too afraid of Trump's supporters. Maybe enough will develop a spine like the courageous 6. I truly do admire them.
Holding out hope.

11:31 AM  
Blogger Marie Smith said...

Looking at this from a distance, it is hard to believe they could vote anything but to convict. Are they afraid for their lives or their jobs?

2:45 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Ethically, the GOP was on a downward trajectory prior to Trump. Otherwise, there never would have been a Trump.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Joared said...

Hope voters rid the Senate of at least some of those who voted against impeachment when next they run for office if not before.

8:35 PM  

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