Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make-over … to Arts & Craft style

I’m lucky to have three children and a son in law who are very artistic and imaginative. They are all self employed and it’s fun to see what challenges come their way. This front porch do-over is a good example of that.

The owners had done a wonderful job in turning a small cottage type house into a charming home but the spindly front porch columns were way out of proportion as you can tell by this photo.

My oldest son was called in and this is the result.

The solid stone bases and the heavier, tapered columns completely change the appearance and the owners now have a home that could have come straight from the “Arts & Crafts” era of the 1850’s.


Blogger KGMom said...

I love the look of the house. I thought maybe it was yours.

4:20 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

That is a significant difference.

4:05 AM  
Blogger Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Ginnie, that is a beautiful makeover and it so improves the cottage. Kudos to your son's workmanship.

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the houses with porches you see all over the USA. Not something that you see very much here in the UK.

6:57 AM  
Blogger troutbirder said...

I read your comment on Phillips blog this morning after another massacre. And posted the NYTimes editorial from Paul Carriers blog An Agony In Eight Fits. All adding up to perhaps a consensus and some political courage will emergoe to finally seriously address the problem. Sadly, I'm not very hopefull....:(

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful work and I love the Arts and Crafts look.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

I like those houses. There were quite a few in the town where I grew up. Nice job by your son.

7:04 PM  

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