Saturday, June 13, 2009

My “I Hate to Exercise” Exercises

For the past 70-some years I’ve tried to pass myself off as an active, “sporty” type of person. If the truth be known my favorite “activity” is reading a good book while curled up in an overstuffed arm chair.

When I retired in 2001 I realized that I would have to face this problem head on. I could very easily see myself turning into a fat couch potato. There were 2 things that I had never done well & they were: 1) sticking to a healthy eating pattern and 2) keeping a regular exercise regimen. My intentions were always good but the follow-through was atrocious.

It was at this time that a good friend suggested Tai Chi and she and I attended a few classes. I didn’t stick with it but I was very impressed with the warm-up movements. These are 18 exercises that are designed to relax and tone all the major joints in the body. I realized that I had finally found an exercise regimen that I could stick to. During the last 8 years I have had an operation and been sick a few times but I have always kept up with my exercise plan.

It takes me about 10 minutes each morning, and, although they are deceptively simple, these basic exercises have proved to be remarkably beneficial. From a standing position I rotate my neck (right, then left), raise and lower my shoulders, shake my hands, “paint the wall”, “circle the moon“...front and back, “play the accordion”, “swim breast-stroke on land”, circle hips, right & left, touch toes, bend backward, bend side to side, “look back at the moon”, bend legs & circle knees, circle ankles, “sit” on an imaginary chair, rise on toes and finally lift the knees.

Simple, huh? Well, it is for me and now I can’t imagine starting my day without this regimen. On the few occasions that I do miss I can tell it by early afternoon. My back starts to ache and I don’t have my usual energy level...and all of this just because I didn’t devote a few minutes of my precious time to doing what’s good for me!

I’ve checked with physical therapists and they all agree that a “soft” exercise plan like this would be good for anyone, even if you are recovering from an injury or out of shape in general. Any good Tai Chi book will describe the exercises in detail, usually done 12 times per sequence, and you’ll be on your way.

GOOD LUCK and believe me, if I can do it you can too!


Blogger kenju said...

I need to know how to do those!! I am rapidly getting to be in terrible shape and have no motivation at all.

P.S. In was in Pinehurst today delivering a wedding. I will post about it in a few days, if I can get my photos posted. At the moment, they are not cooperating at all!

10:50 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Congratulations! Consistent exercise is beyond me.

5:51 AM  
Blogger KGMom said...

You know, ever since I read in your profile that you do a 10 minute exercise daily, I have wondered what the exercises are.
And now I know. Thanks.
I will have to check it out.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

I like those exercises. Great stuff to do just to loosen up. Thanks for sharing your routine, Ginnie.

7:22 AM  

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