Monday, January 06, 2020

MEMORIES OF MY DAD……….1900 to 1960

I love this picture of my Dad because it shows him at his favorite Sunday event...solving the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I recall the times when we would hold up our usual 4 PM Sunday dinner until he was finished.

Dad’s other hobby was stamp collecting. He started this in his youth and had an extensive, and quite valuable, collection. It must have been a heart breaker when he had to sell a large part of his valuable stamps during the 1929 Depression, but he still kept 3 or 4 albums. I remember him soaking colorful and exotic stamps off of envelopes, drying them and then meticulously picking them up with tweezers and adhering them to the designated pages with those little transparent glue-back tabs. 

We were a family of 6 women (my Mother, myself and 4 older sisters) and Dad would often have a hard time holding his own. He would try to introduce a serious subject at the dining table and, invariably, one of us would start to giggle. Of course that set us all off and when my Mother joined in the laughter Dad would throw his hands in the air and say, “I give up”...but always with a twinkle in his eye.

He was never abusive but I do remember one time when we had done something “bad” and he lined the 5 of us up, threatening to give us each a whack with his belt. We were all agog since this was so out of character for Dad. I guess we were scared but this quickly changed to uncontrollable
laughter when he whipped off his belt and his pants fell down !!

Dad was a romantic and the love of his life was my Mother. He would serve her breakfast in bed with toast
that he'd cut in to heart shapes and he would use any excuse to send her a card, such as the Valentine above.

Yes, Dad adored mother but his warm and loving heart was big enough to include all 5 of his girls. He passed away 60 years ago, but his love has always stayed with me.


Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

We daughters always have a special bond with our Dads. I smiled at the NY Times cross word puzzle for my Dad did the same thing and in ink. Took smart men to do those.
He sure was outnumbered in the house by the ladies. That belt episode was funny.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

It seems like you grew up in a fine husehold with fine parents.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Marie Smith said...

The love keeps us going when we lose them! Such wonderful memories of a great husband and father, Ginnie.

7:54 AM  

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