Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PORKY & PENNY Peddle Posies

Good morning. My “thinking cap” is taking the day off. I thought I would simply share a little ditty that I wrote many years ago. I always thought I would try to turn it into a book for children…but that has never happened. I hope you enjoy it.


Porky, the penguin and Penny, the porcupine lived in Pittsburgh, Pa.
where Penny played in the park, picking posies ‘til dark
and Porky peddled the posies by day.

At a penny per posy the profits were cozy
and they put piles of pennies away.
But, the problem arose, and the question it posed, was
“How much?” and “Who?” should get paid?

Should Penny, the porcupine, palm all the profits?
She picked the posies, you see.
Or should Porky, the penguin, pocket the pennies,
for the selling was done by he.

Now Penny, the porc and Porky, the pen, were a sensible pair,
that’s a fact.
So they pondered the matter, amid much pitter patter,
and finally signed a pact,
whereby every last bit of the profits they split,
thus keeping their friendship intact.


Blogger Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing. I really think it would make a lovely children's book.


10:01 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

That's preciously perfect! Or perfectly precious, or pluperfect or......

I once went to a wedding shower called an alphabet shower. I got the letter B - and along with my blueberry body butter in a blue basket (among other things), I wrote a long poem using the alliteration of the letter B. I sure wish I had kept a copy of it!

You ought to flesh that out and submit it to a publisher!

12:29 PM  
Blogger KGMom said...

Oh too funny. Has a Dr. Seuss sound to it--with your flair for art, you could illustrate!

4:05 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Oh,Ginnie, this is delightful. So, you're a poet as well as an artist and storyteller. I say go for the book, you could illustrate as well as write.

4:04 AM  
Blogger Judi said...

I love it!
Alliteration is such FUN!
I usually just read and run ...

you always leave me loving your posts and usually send me down my own memory lane. ....waltzing with Casey

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Terri said...

That is really cute and I can see it being read by parents across the country.
But I think I'm now "peed" out...lol

2:05 PM  
Blogger Maya's Granny said...

Porky the Pen and Penny the porc -- too wonderful for words.

1:00 AM  

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