Thursday, June 29, 2017

Call me naive … but,

if there were one single thing that could drastically bring down the deficit, rid us of poverty, give health care to all and still have enough to improve our infrastructure … wouldn't that be something that our elected officials, (the ones that we, in good faith, voted into office), would be clamoring to make the law of the land?

Well, it could be possible if they did nothing more than completely cut out all the havens and loopholes in our tax system. I know … it's an impossibility but just think about it for a minute. Wouldn't it be a wonderful way to bring back balance to our county … both fiscal and emotional?

In my 84 years on this earth I have never seen such disparity between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. It makes me ashamed when I hear it said that “we are the richest country in the world” and then see how little is shared with the needy. To be honest we should change our coins and bills to read: “In Greed We Trust”.

The fact that our current President will not show us his 2016 tax returns tells it all. So, yes, my idea doesn't have a ghost of a chance but, for now anyway, they haven't taken away my ability to dream

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A feel-good picture …

I love this picture of the “Big Bang Theory” crew and the amazing Stephen Hawking. It's like a breath of fresh air as compared to so much of the dark side that is portrayed on TV these days.

It has a lot to do with why I don't watch much TV but about 6 years ago my granddaughter, who has Asperger's syndrome, told me this was a “must see”. The program directors deny that the leading guy Sheldon has Asperger's but, as a cooky quantum physics genius. he displays many of the same symptoms and that was enough to draw her attention.

It's obvious that the famed physicist Stephen Hawking, (who has actually appeared on the show), is a fan of the popular TV show too. He proved it even more than usual this week at the Starmus festival in Trondheim Norway when he awarded the prestigious Hawking Science Medal that "recognizes the merit of popular science on an international level," to the long running CBS TV show.

Congratulations to all of you on the “Big Bang Theory” !

Monday, June 19, 2017

The final touch ….

In 2015 I proudly posted this picture of the lovely home that my oldest son Mark designed. It was awarded House of the Year by the Moore County Home Builders Association. Visitors approach the front entry by walking around the garage and are delightfully rewarded with a water fountain and marble stairs that lead to the front door. Then, entering the house they face a barrel vaulted hall that runs the length of the house.

So, what is the “final touch”? It is this hand painted ceiling that artist Charles Goforth lovingly and painstakingly applied over many weeks. It is
indeed the touch that makes this home unique and I love that Charles even made use of his palette. It was overflowing with the many paint colors that he'd used and he had it framed and presented it to the owners. They have it proudly displayed on the wall beneath the decorated ceiling.

Here are two views. The first is looking toward the front entrance and the 2nd faces the lovely terrace overlooking the lake. 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Cabinet full of sycophants …


Merriam-Webster: “a person who praise's powerful people in order to get their approval.”

Random House: “a self seeking, servile flatterer, fawning parasite.”

Wikipedia: “obedient flattery.”

Well, you get the idea and a cabinet full of sycophants was exactly what we witnessed this week as Trump introduced us to them on TV. Their lavish praise and fawning obsequiousness may have been a balm to Trump but it left many of us shaking our heads.  

The Cabinet is the part of the government that acts as an   ADVISORY   board to the President. Theoretically it is filled with strong minded experts in their field who have the good of the country as their driving force. Sadly, since Trump feels he knows more than all of them combined, there will be little advising going on.

It is obvious that the Cabinet sycophants know they live under the threat of dismissal at the whim of the President and they demean themselves by acquiescing to him. Is there not one Republican in Washington with the guts to address this? What a sad commentary.


Addendum:  I wrote this entry on Monday. On Tuesday we were shocked when a man full of hate toward the Republican party shot Rep. Steve Scalise from Louisiana.  Six years earlier another, full of hate for the Democrats, shot Rep. Gabby Giffords.  THIS CANNOT GO ON !
All the comforting words being bandied around in Washington now must be followed up by action. 

It's time for both sides of the aisle to grow up.  Stop the rigid stonewalling and have honest debates that end up with agreements rather than shouting matches.  If we are, once again to thrive as a nation, I believe that we must reject the "art of the deal" and bring back the "art of COMPROMISE". 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A change of pace ...

In 1942 I was 9 years old and my sister and I were visiting our grandparents in New Jersey.  My Papa (as we called our Granddad) was an author and I loved his mysterious office filled with piles of paper, half-finished manuscripts and the pungent smell of pipe tobacco.  I remember that I asked if I could write a letter home and was thrilled when he said "of course" and actually let me use his beloved typewriter to do it.. 

I ran across that letter a few days ago and it took me back to those halcyon days. It was a brief but welcome relief from the constant barrage of garbage that passes for news in todays world. Perhaps it will give you a respite too...and maybe even a chuckle. (click on the letter to magnify)

Monday, June 05, 2017

Will the “real” President please stand up ...

Step aside tRump …

President Bannon is coming through loud and clear !

Your disgraceful decision on the Paris Agreement is just one more example of the depths to which our country has fallen under your command. I am embarrassed for our country and pray that the rest of the world realizes that your self-serving and deal making leadership is not condoned by the majority of us. 

Once again you are constructing a wall. A wall of isolation. Have we, under your leadership, become so self absorbed that we have no concern for anyone or anything outside of our borders? Millions of us don't fit that description and refuse to agree with it.

You could learn a lot from the gracious French President Emmanuel Macron who, despite your decision, let it be known that we were still friends and he ended with a statement that sounded familiar to yours but was so much more powerful.  His was:
                          “Make our PLANET great again.”