Monday, May 19, 2014

My “boss” … Question #3

 Question #3 …Justin, we live in an extremely competitive society. Is Unlimiters able to compete and what do you foresee in the future ?

"Two of the most common responses we receive when telling others about UNlimiters are, “You mean that doesn’t exist already?” or ”Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s such a simple and necessary concept that it even surprises me at times. I believe there are three main factors which make UNlimiters very competitive; the way we are developing the site, the vision for the company, and the name.

First, we are building UNlimiters in a way we believe will make it a “ten year overnight success.” Meaning, we think it will grow slowly in order to make sure we get it right, and then as soon as we hit our critical mass, we will start growing rapidly. UNlimiters is both a social community and a product marketplace.

For the social aspect, we currently have four dedicated bloggers representing a variety of disabilities, Melissa McPherson with cerebral palsy, Peggy Chenoweth is a below-knee amputee, Tiffiny Carlson is quadriplegic, and Ginnie, of course, all of whom represent the disability community by talking about what helps them unlimit their lives in a very personal way. We also have a section called “Shout” on the website where any shopper can recommend ideas or products they have found useful in their life, so we can then offer it in the store.

For the marketplace, there are three different type of products we sell; the more standard medical/adaptive products, specialized unique products that we display in the “Showcase” area, and everyday products repurposed in a way others with disabilities have found useful. We are creating a social marketplace created by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

Second, growing up, I always struggled in finding products for myself to help me perform a specific task. When I did, it was like opening a present on Christmas, I loved gaining a little bit more independence. A lot of the time, I just had to adapt an existing product to fit my need. When I was young, I could only put on sweatpants by myself until my parents tried putting elastic in the waistband of a pair of jeans, thereby transforming a pair of jeans into more accessible and attractive clothing. I was the only kid who wore sweatpants to school and in a snap I didn’t feel like an outcast anymore thanks to a simple, but ingenious, idea. My vision for UNlimiters is to become a community where anyone can find products that are proven to make life a little bit easier.

Finally, to me the name “UNlimiters” says it all. I hate when others tell me I’m limited in what I can and can’t do. I strongly believe UNlimiters has a real chance to change people’s perception about living with a disability. We may need extra help, but in no way does it define who we are. Another great thing about the name is the upbeat message it communicates. There is no judgment or categorization, and you can visit the site without any negative associations. Anyone can unlimited themselves in some way, you do not need to have a disability to make your everyday tasks easier.

The hardest part of UNlimiters was (and is) actually limiting the scope of it. Starting out, everyone had their own idea of what it should be. There are so many ways we can grow in the future, and the potential is endless. Ultimately, it will be shaped by the community itself, a social marketplace by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, and the feedback we have gotten so far has been phenomenal."

Thanks “Boss” …I’m honored to be part of the team. Ginnie





Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Elastic in jeans is so simple but so profound.

6:49 AM  
Blogger NCmountainwoman said...

And what a great team it is!

7:20 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

Nice, Ginnie, that you are part of this.

5:28 AM  

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