Monday, January 27, 2014

Lisa in Jiaxing, China …

Here’s another look at China through my friend Lisa’s eyes. The picture is of her husband Glen standing in front of the new Chinese Communist Party Museum in Jiaxing, the birthplace of the Communist party in China. Lisa says the building is “quite beautiful with 3 floors of sculptures, artwork, photographs & documents depicting the history of China prior to the revolution up to the current government”.

Lisa writes that their contract with the school where they both teach states that the topics of politics and religion are not to be discussed in the classroom. She and Glen actually carry that into their personal affairs too and never discuss politics with their Chinese friends.

One of these friends is David, their host for the day and a proud member of the Communist party. The next picture is the Wall of Allegiance where he stood to pledge his loyalty and commitment to the party.

In stark contrast was the old part of Jiaxing.

Zheijiang province is known for its rivers and canals and many of the old towns are built alongside these rivers, as is this one. Lisa said that the architecture was lovely with many lanes leading to shops, cafes and outdoor flower and bird markets.

It must have been a fascinating but tiring day since their friend felt they could get a much better view of the city if they rode bikes and that’s what they did. I’m so glad that Lisa is taking me along vicariously with her letters because that’s the only way I could join in that bike ride ! Thanks, Lisa and keep those letters coming.


Blogger Anvilcloud said...

Interesting juxtaposition with the skyscrapers in the last photo.

6:39 PM  
Blogger NCmountainwoman said...

Beautiful. The canals are amazing.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Enjoyed the trip, but would not like to live or gravel alongside those canals, Ginnie.

2:32 PM  
Blogger possum said...

I have never wanted to go to China... but I sure have enjoyed someone else doing it and sharing!
Thanks, Ginnie and Lisa.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

It would be great to ride bicycles through China and that city with all of its beauty. I would have to stop and photography everything!

4:44 AM  

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