Wednesday, December 01, 2021

A Real Whitehouse Christmas

December is here and, true to tradition, it's the time that our President's first lady chooses her Christmas theme and uses it while decorating the many rooms, entrances and hallways of the Whitehouse.

This year Jill Biden writes, "The things we hold sacred unite us and transcend distance, time, and even the constraints of a pandemic: faith, family, and friendship; a love of the arts, learning, nature; gratitude, service, and community; unity and peace. These are the gifts that tie together the heart strings of our lives."

Here are two of her rooms

I know that I'm prejudiced but it's such a nice feeling to see these rooms decorated with a touch of glamour, but not over the top & gaudy as they were in the past administration. Back then it was always to show off how much money was spent and it certainly didn't give me a soft Christmassy feeling.

Not only were the decorations grossly over done, but some made no sense at all. Remember this? It was Melania's pride and joy, but, (per her own admission) she didn't really care much for Christmas so maybe this was her way of showing it.   





Blogger Marie Smith said...

So tastefully done these days!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Arkansas Patti said...

Yes, a vast improvement.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Anvilcloud said...

These are tasteful and lovely, that other one . . .

7:12 AM  

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