Wednesday, October 28, 2020


It's barely 3 weeks that Trump was released from the hospital and now he is on a rally frenzy to make up for lost time.

His trick is to fly in Air Force One to a designated area and hold an outdoor rally for his adoring fans. He is completely flaunting his disregard of pandemic restrictions and his campaign rants are filled with crazy ideas and lies ... the biggest one being his calling the pandemic a hoax and that the Covid virus is “rounding the curve” and on the way out.

Nothing could be farther than the truth. It has now been proved that as Trump jets his way across the country holding airport rallies he doesn't just defy state orders and federal health guidelines, he is leaving a trail of coronavirus outbreaks in his wake.

Trump, the King of Super Spreaders is, literally,, killing us    

Saturday, October 24, 2020

What do you say to your children …

 ... when they ask why you're voting for Trump?


 “Well son, he's not your ordinary President. He's shown a complete disregard for the realities of Covid 19 … throws scientists under the bus and preaches his own outlook that the Pandemic is no big deal and will suddenly disappear but he keeps my stock market profits from falling and I can't worry about how it affects others and all that other stuff… I need to protect mine.

...but, Dad ...”

I know son … you say you don't like the rallies where he encourages his audience chanting 'lock her up' (referring to Governor Whitmer) and the way he twists the truth … but that's just Trump being Trump.”

...but, Dad ...”

Yeah, he has no patience with people he calls weak and makes fun of them and I have to admit that his use of the English language is right out of the gutter but it sure gets his message across.”

...but, Dad ... is that how you want me to behave?”


Coming soon … Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Narcissistic personality disorder...

Definition: self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

"Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others' feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.”

Coming soon ...  

Tuesday, November 3, 2020                                        



Thursday, October 15, 2020


The “Good to the Last Drop” slogan to advertise Maxwell House Coffee started in 1917 and is one of the most recognizable slogans ever written. Just recently I've seen where the new ads for that coffee brand have gone back to using that old slogan and, once again, it reminds me of my father.

In the 40’s our whole family would gather 'round the big wooden radio in the living room to listen to our favorite shows like “Maxwell House Coffee Time”, better known as the “Burns and Allen Show”. We never missed an episode which always began with Gracie Allen saying "Another cup of Maxwell House coffee, George?" and George Burns replying, "Sure. Pour me a cup, Gracie."

 Maxwell House was also the sponsor of the radio version of “Father Knows Best“. Each episode began with the youngest daughter Kitten asking, "Mother, is Maxwell House really the best coffee in the whole world?" to which her mother would reply, "Well, your father says so, and Father Knows Best!"

And it was back in those years that I came to realize that my dad was pretty special too. 

One of my favorite memories of him was how he never failed to answer that "good to the last drop" Maxwell slogan with the words ... "what's wrong with the last drop?"

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Custom made ARMILLARY

What you see here is an ARMILLARY sphere. Originally designed by the Greeks, an armillary was used as a teaching tool. The sphere is made up of rings and poles and an arrow representing the equator. The meridians and parallels and the center ball represent the earth following the sun.  

And why do I show that picture?  As some of you may recall my daughter and her husband Brian have a thriving antique business in NY state.  One of their regular customers is a world traveler and while visiting their shop he told them of his last trip to Europe where he became enamored with a huge armillary on display in a farmer's field. It was not for sale but he started a search for one and was dismayed to find what it would cost to have one custom made to his specifications and especially with the additional shipping charge.  

He told them that it wasn't until he got back home that he remembered the amazing products that Brian made from his stockpile of discarded metallic pieces and sold in their shop.  He decided to see if Brian could make his dream Amillary for him and, of course Brian jumped at the chance.

What you see here is the finished product: It is now proudly displayed in a large field on the man's property. You get an idea of just how huge the Armillary is with him standing next to it. It's almost as large as the grin he has when he stops back in their shop and tells them how he loves showing off Brian's one-of-a-kind structure. 

Nothing makes a business owner happier than another satisfied customer !

Monday, October 05, 2020

Olga saves the day

Our insane President who tested positive for Covid 19 has left Walter Reed hospital today after 3 days of treatment. Despite the fact that he is a positive carrier of the virus he chose to continue his treatments at the White House where he was sent by helicopter. In true Trump fashion his first action was to take off the mask they made him wear while at the hospital. His disregard for anyone other than himself is almost unbelievable. I find that, once again, I need something to take my mind off that monster and I was reminded of when I was a youngster and how this silly little ditty seemed to soothe me.

The Saga of Olga

Olga, where are you going?

Upstairs to take a bath'.

Olga, with legs like toothpicks

and a neck like a big giraffe.

Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da...

Olga stepped in the bathtub.

Someone pulled out the plug.

Oh my goodness, oh my soul.

There goes Olga down the hole,

Glug, glug, glug.

(SIGH … it works every time !)


Thursday, October 01, 2020

Autumn brilliance …

We are now into October and the Presidential election, and all the angst that goes with that, is getting closer. I decided it was time to block it out for a day and went in search of something to soothe my soul. You can see by this photo that I found just what I needed. 

This is the Five Flower Lake in China's Juizhaigou Nature Reserve and National Park. The whole area is famous for it's mineral-rich waters but none can compare to this one in richness of color. It is only 16 feet deep but the lake bed is visible under its clear water and the color of the lake varies daily from emerald green, dark jade to light turquoise, with most of the time being a sapphire blue.

Local residents consider Five Flower Lake to be holy. While other lakes in the area melt and dry up this one remains constant and, although colorful year round, there is little that can compare to what happens in October. The heavy rolling forests come alive and they hug the Five Flower Lake in an incredible embrace of vivid autumn colors.

PS:  I'm sure that my Canadian blogger friends AC and Marie will be clicking away with their cameras as soon as the landscapes are as brilliant as this ... can't wait to see what they will share with us.