Monday, July 10, 2006

The Ubiquitous CELL PHONE…A plea for etiquette!

In this digital world of ours the cell phone is here to stay…and rightly so. I have used mine to advantage many a time. I have a very inexpensive Tracfone. It is a nationwide prepaid wireless phone and I buy about 60 units of calling time every three months. The cost is approximately $8 per month and I can choose to cancel anytime that I want to.

I bought the attachment that connects my cell phone to the car and that is where I keep it most of the time. Very few people have access to my number because I only use it for emergencies…or for the occasional time that I am not near a phone and need to contact someone. This is how it works for me and I know that I am in the minority.

My son and his daughter both have very elaborate, extra-slim cell phones that do just about everything but pick up the weekly garbage. (Hers is actually pink!) He is in business for himself and his phone is his life-line…so I can understand the need there.

The thing that annoys me about cell phones is that they encroach on my privacy. I really do not want to hear someone’s life story when I am trying to concentrate on what to buy for dinner…or trying to enjoy dinner out, for that matter. When I was in Italy I would have sworn that every Italian male seemed to carry a cell phone. We used to joke that they were probably calling Mama to ask what to order for dinner!

I will never forget the time that I was stuck in an airport for hours waiting for the weather to change. A sloppy twenty-something male slouched down next to me and proceeded to phone a buddy. He then spent the next hour describing in great detail every female under the age of 50 that passed by his sight. They were having a great laugh over this and when he saw my look of disgust he said, “Hey, lady…you don’t have to listen”.

But that’s just the point….how can we NOT listen? I really resent this intrusion and hope that someday there will be a cell phone revolution…those of us who still treasure privacy will rise up and, at the very least, conduct courses in cell phone etiquette. The plan to restrict the use of phones while driving is gaining momentum and is actually enacted into law in some States. So, maybe there is hope after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well guess what Ginnie? I also have a TracFone. Perhaps because of my age, but I have never been a big fan of cell phones. I was eventually convinced to get one in case I needed one for emergencies. When I got mine I purchased the 200 units deal so I would only have to worry about updating my units every year. This past year when I upgraded my units I had only used 15 units or so out of the original 200 so but because you ‘have’ to upgrade - now I have some 400 units or so and probably won’t use many, if any, of those either.

The cell phone and driving a car aspect of the phone really concerns me also. I was out at a local park riding my bike not to long ago when some fellow passed me riding his bike just jabbering away on his cell phone. I have seen a lot of folks talking on their cell phones in a lot of unusual circumstances, but that one really caught me off guard.

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Blogger Mary Christine said...

Hi Ginnie,
I just saw your comment on one of my blogs, but it is not one I usually check. Come over and see me at Anonymous Alcoholic. There are lots of us out there, we have a great time. I have lots of links and I can send others over to you.
Mary Christine.

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Blogger Chancy said...

Hi Ginnie
I just discovered your blog via Claude from "Blogging In Paris" or

Here is a quote from Claude's blog about you.

"Ginnie posted a comment on Octogenarian’s latest post (incidentally, a great one about his Hassidic grandfather that you don’t want to miss) and I went to her newly created blog, GoldenDaze Ginnie, which looks pretty promising to me. Her latest story is entitled 1943, Entertaining British Soldiers in New England.
I meant to post a comment, but Ginnie has only allowed Blogger’s comments. As I blog with WordPress, I couldn’t leave one.
Please go and visit Ginnie and if you are a Blogger, tell her to open her comments to other people. I want to be able to visit, and let her know that I did! "

Now for my comment. I agree 100% about the appalling lack of cell phone etiquette. We just returned from a delightful vacation on the beach at Sea Island, Georgia. We were astounded at the number of people who were busy talking on their cells while walking down the beautiful shoreline. It just seemed such a waste of the enchantment of ocean, sand blue sky and the sound of the surf to stroll along with a cell glued to their ears.

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