Saturday, July 15, 2006

PORKY & PENNY Peddle Posies

Good morning. My “thinking cap” is taking the day off. I thought I would simply share a little ditty that I wrote many years ago. I always thought I would try to turn it into a book for children…but that has never happened. I hope you enjoy it and I will be back to my eclectic memoirs tomorrow.

Peddling Posies at the Pennsy Pavilion

Porky, the penguin and Penny, the porcupine lived in Pittsburgh, Pa.
where Penny played in the park, picking posies ‘til dark
and Porky peddled the posies by day.

At a penny per posy the profits were cozy
and they put piles of pennies away.
But. the problem arose, and the question it posed, was
“How much?” and “Who?” should get paid?

Should Penny, the porcupine, palm all the profits?
She picked the posies, you see.
Or should Porky, the penguin, pocket the pennies,
for the selling was done by he.

Now Penny, the porc and Porky, the pen, were a sensible pair,
that’s a fact.
So they pondered the matter, amid much pitter patter,
and finally signed a pact,
whereby every last bit of the profits they split,
thus keeping their friendship intact.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the story although anything with a Penquin in it has to be good. :)

Of course the moral of the story is great.

5:42 AM  

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