Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The “BRITISH SAILOR” Quilt and Castoro Cellars

I've had a lot of interest in the Quilt that my mother made depicting the 126 British sailors that we entertained during World War II. (See my blog of July 7th).
I find out that I was mistaken. It was indeed inherited by my sister and she had it framed and gave it to her son but it is in his mountain retreat…not in his winery.
I hope that I can get a picture up on my blog-site soon.

However, the winery itself is a treat. It is in Templeton, California and the name is Castoro Cellars. http://www.castorocellars.com/
Be sure to drop in and visit with my nephew Beaver and his wife, Bimmer, if you are in the vicinity. Beaver, of course, is not a brown furry rodent with a flat tail. He’s a real live man whose name is Neils Udsen, but he’s been Beaver since he was a small child. Castoro Cellars uses a Beaver on it’s Logo and many of their wines are labeled as “Dam Fine Wine”. Pretty clever, huh?

I was there last year and was fascinated by the inner workings of a winery. Of course a lot depends on weather…but modern techniques have improved the chances of a good crop. Just the irrigating system alone is amazing.

They hosted a wonderful dinner and wine-tasting event for their members on the Sat. night that I was there. The food was based on Tuscan fare and they even had a delightful non-alcoholic grape drink for those of us who are allergic to the “real” stuff. The cool evening, the live entertainment (guitar) and the ambiance of the winery itself made for a memorable evening.


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Look forward to seeing a picture of the quilt. Winery sounds interesting, too.

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